Tandem Skydiving in the Bay Area

Experience the rush of your first skydive as you leap from 13,000 feet above the ground!

Enjoy a complete tandem skydiving experience with a professional USPA certified instructor! Experience the rush of your first tandem skydive in the Bay Area as you leap from over 13,000 feet above the ground! Reaching speeds up to 120 mph you’ll enjoy either the shortest or longest minute of your life. After the parachute opens you partake in one of the most serene 5-7 minutes available as you float gently back down to the ground. While on your way down you’ll experience some of the best skydiving views in Northern California. This is all courtesy of one of our highly qualified tandem instructors who will be with you the whole way, ensuring safety and excitement!

You can capture the entire experience by upgrading to our complete video and stills package. One of our amazingly awesome videographers will accompany you throughout the journey making sure you can relive in high definition a moment that the majority will never experience. Not to mention it makes for some great bragging rights.

Need a ride from San Francisco? No problem! Skydive California offers shuttle service to and from the dropzone from our Shuttle Service Center located in Fisherman’s Wharf. Get details on our shuttle service here.