Student Program – Accelerated Free Fall

Want to push yourself to the next level and try a sport that’ll test you in some pretty fun ways? Skydive California has a student program where you can learn to skydive in California to become a licensed skydiver.

It’s time to learn to skydive in northern California and dive even further into a fantastic community. We recommend at least one tandem skydive before embarking on this journey, so you’ll be able to have a sense of what you will be getting yourself into.

We start with an extensive ground school that lasts for 4-6 hours. This will cover every aspect of skydiving and prepare you to make an assisted jump under the direct supervision of certified USPA AFF/IAD instructors.

This program consists of multiple skydives and will eventually train you to be a licensed skydiver. For more information on our student skydive program or general information on how to learn to skydive simply give us a call at 209-835-7474 or fill out the contact form below.

AFF Price List
Category A (w/4hr ground school)       $290.00
Category B                                $220.00
Category C-1                              $210.00
Category C-2 (If Needed)     $185.00
Category D -1                             $185.00
Category D-2                             $185.00
Category E-1                              $185.00
Category E-2                              $185.00
AFF Program Total (7 Jumps)            $1460
A License Package (18 Jumps)           $1100
AFF/A License Package (25 Jumps)       $2560

Add Video and Photos (Price is Per Jump)     $120.00
Add Video (Price is Per Jump)                      $  90.00
Add Photos (Price is Per Jump)                    $  90.00

Prices are subject to change.