Let’s jump!

Skydive California welcomes skydivers of all disciplines! No one ever said we’re the biggest but we sure do try the hardest. We strive to build community at our dropzone, whether you are here for the day or plan on staying with us for years.

You will have access to indoor packing areas located directly between the landing and loading areas. Training rooms may be available for day use, as well as various video monitors to review footage. We also have free WIFI throughout the property.

We recommend packing a cooler with snacks and drinks to keep you going throughout the day, since we’re about 10-15 minutes away from town.

Experienced Jumpers:

Jump Ticket                                                       $28.00

Hop ‘N Pop                                                         $20.00

Jump with Rental Gear                                       $60.00

Coach Jump with Rental                                  $135.00

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